My WordPress website is hacked, what to expect next?

//My WordPress website is hacked, what to expect next?

A lot of bad things but let’s get right to the point :

1. a sharp drop in Google Search Results along with the same behavior in other search engines
2. due to number one, less and less impressions, less clicks, ultimately, less business
3. an embarrassing indication in search results that your website is not safe for people to visit
2. possible infections of visitors’ computers when they come to your website
3. a heist of your users’ data that are stored on your website, if you store Credit Card info, this can go a long way towards legal action too
4. a red screen that will warn people not to open your website because it’s known to spread viruses
5. maybe the face of a radical extremist showing on your frontage instead of these beautiful slides and images you had before, something called a Defacement
6. inability to access your website’s management panel commonly known as wp-admin
7. links injected that point to malware websites and ad websites

and the list can go on forever… but even the first two of our points should be enough for you not to ever say “never mind”, “it’s ok that is hacked I will fix it at some point”. Instead you should see this as an emergency, something you need to have a first-response team in place.

What happens immediately after the site is hacked

When a website gets hacked, the first hours after the hack are very important, you see from what we know all these years we’ve been working with websites and especially WordPress websites, the hacks don’t just happen right away, there are indications of “scouting” of a website before it’s actually attacked.

This means that by the time you know your website is hacked, it’s going to be late, not too late but late. We can still fix and clear your website but prevention is better than a cure.

How to avoid hacks and problems

In order to fully include the prevention idea to your website, you will need a way to regularly maintain it, update it, check it e.t.c. and this is what we carefully planned and included onto our Managed WordPress Hosting package, a service that is designed and destined to keep your website safe, secure, stable, up to date and always working.

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