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“Did you know your website is down?”

Oh man…there’s nothing worse than having a customer call in the middle of the day and tell you your website is DOWN or worse yet…your site has redirected them to some embarrassing website!  The fact is that most small businesses don’t have the luxury of having their own webmaster and most of the time the company that built the site is long gone.  What are you prepared to do about it?

Well take a deep breath, you’ve come to the right place!  Our team of Web Development and Design Experts have more than 100 years combined experience in troubleshooting and resolving pretty much every possible issue that can affect your WordPress website from simple sluggishness to full blown catastrophe….and we’re ready to help!

Common issues we are frequently asked to resolve:

  • Compromised / Hacked WordPress sites
  • WordPress Theme issues
  • WordPress site update / plugin update issues
  • WordPress shopping cart issues
  • Web Form / Email issues
  • Issues with pages not loading (scripting errors)
  • Issues with mobile friendy (responsive) design

If any of these things or anything else that may not be on this list of common issues is affecting your site, just get on our Live Chat or give us a call and we’ll get started right away.  Our Help Desk team will get started as soon as you contact us and all repairs will be completed as quickly as possible so your site is back in action right away!

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We are WordPress Experts…let us do our thing!

Every day we help new and existing customers ranging from small business to large enterprises not only resolve issues with their WordPress sites, but help them get more out of their sites as well.  We provide cost-effective solutions for issues large and small – whether it takes 15 minutes or 15 hours, our Expert Team of web professionals with more than 100 years of combined experience will always be available to help provide the right solution to your issue.

Has your WordPress site been hacked or red-flagged by the search engines?

If your site has been compromised or hacked, we can remove all malware and protect your website.  We have created a set of diagnostic tools that allow us to identify and clear all malicious scripts and code from your WordPress site.

Having difficulty accessing your Admin panel?

We can sort out the issue if you have trouble getting into your WP admin panel. Your site may be compromised, however we can regain control of the site, secure it and get everything back to normal quickly.

Why has your site been hacked?

There are hundreds of reasons what your site may have been compromised – everything from not having your WordPress software up-to-date, compromised credentials, vulnerable plugins and themes, outdated installations, weak passwords, CSS/ SQL injections and many other things.

At Mosaic, we are committed to ensuring your website is fully optimized, high performance, and fully secure.  Most importantly, we want to ensure your website is driving your business forward and not dragging it backward.

Are you concerned about a broken theme that will not update?

We can repair your theme and bring it back to its original form.  We can also fix your tehme to ensure that can be properly updated without breaking the functionality of your site after an update.

Does your website looks different from browser to browser?

We will safely update your WP plugins, themes, core or upgrade the Shopping Cart to the latest versions without affecting the customized programming.  We will a ensure compatibility and make sure that your site remains online and secure from compromise or hackers.

Does your website have a proper responsive web design for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets)?

We can make your existing website mobile friendly and responsive so it opens and loads properly on all mobile devices of all shapes and sizes.

Proper Installation and Configuration

We can analyze your existing website and plug-ins, do a backup or build a development copy of your site, and perform the upgrades and test for acceptance and proper functionality and the ability to update without having them break your site.

Updating Plugins and Modules

We will update your WP plugins, theme, core/upgrade Shopping Cart to latest version without affecting the customized programming. We will also ensure upgrade compatibility so that your site remains online & safe from hackers.

Migration Assurance

We provide migration services to ensure that your navigation, posts, categories, user groups and even users are preserved.  We will also handle migration of core extensions and fresh installation of third-party plugins.  We can also help migrate your site to our WordPress optimized Managed hosting environment.

Are you having issues with your current online store, cart or payment systems?

We can help correct just about any problem associated with your online store, the cart system and even most payment gateways.  Additionally, we can work with you to dramatically improve the user experience and simplify the checkout process.

Do you want to interface your online store with Amazon, Froogle or Ebay?

We can work with you to migrate your inventory from your existing WordPress online store and link with other online ecommerce services such as Amazon and Ebay and many others.

Do you want to connect with your Quickbooks or other online accounting system?

We have extensive experience connecting websites with QuickBooks, Great Plains and other accounting packages.  You can eliminate the double entry and link your cart and sales flawlessly with QuickBooks and accounting software and save yourself TONS of time every month.

Do you have online contact forms which are not sending email?

We can help troubleshoot and resolve any dynamic forms on your website to ensure that they are configured properly and test them to ensure that you receive notification when a customer submits a form from your website.

Do you have forms that need to be more sophisticated?

We can help you recreate your online forms to include “Wizard” elements that allow for logical paths based on how your customers answer certain questions.  This allows you to create very comprehensive surveys and data collection tools for gathering information.

Do you have static PDF forms that you would like converted into “fillable” forms that can be completed online?

We can take any form that is in PDF format and convert it into a fully customized, fillable form that can be completed online including digital signatures.  Your customer will no longer have to download, print out, fill out, scan, and send the forms back…they can simply open them up, fill them out on their computer, sign them if needed, and send them back via email.   This will save you and your customers an amazing amount of time.

We can fix all scripting errors and page not loading issues

We specialize in adding and rectifying modules & components. Most developers will not troubleshoot and / or repair code without documentation.   Our team of experts specialize in fixing non-documented WordPress and related code and scripting issues.

Need guidance on choosing themes and plugins?

Our WordPress Experts have decades of experience dealing with a wide variety of custom built, third-party WordPress plug-ins, ecommerce engines, membership modules, gallery systems and more.   Don’t waste your valuable time sifting through the hundreds of thousands of themes and plugins available for WordPress, let our team step in and give you a hand right away.

Removal of all vulnerabilities

We will eliminate all remnants of malware including the removal of any vulnerabilities in the site created by poorly designed plugins or other source code.   We will update your WordPress site with the most recent software update, secure plugins and other modules which require updates.

If your current hosting company isn’t providing these services for you, you should most likely consider switching hosting companies right away.


Our agents will complete an extensive site review to ensure your site is running smoothly on PHP 7 with no issues


It is so important that your site loads using HTTPS. This will make your site safer and help your Google ranking. Let us help do it.

Nightly Backup / Restore Setup

Having a good Backup/Restore strategy is critical to making sure you are ready for the worst.  We can set this up for you FAST!

How do you know if you’ve been hacked?

There are many ways you may find out that your website has been hacked. The most obvious is when a hacker has simply defaces your website.  A customer calls you in the middle of the day and tells you to fix your website.  So you open it up and OH MY GOD, your website is no longer there.  It has been replaced by a new page and has a big sign saying “Hacked by ______ (fill in the blank).”  Or even worse, it redirects you to a web site that even Uncle Benny would keep to himself.  What are you prepared to do about it?  Your customers are now associating your brand with this garbage and your hands are tied?

Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately as the case may be) most hackers attempt to cover their tracks and make their malicious deeds as unnoticeable as possible.  They actually prefer that you didn’t know they were there, because they want to use your site as long as possible to perform their malicious and mischievous deeds.

So here are some RED FLAGS you should keep in mind to alert you of a potentially compromised website:

  • Your website is defaced or throwing strange error codes.
  • Your website redirects to an ‘unsavory’ site such as an adult site or pharmaceuticals site.
  • Google notifies you that your site has been compromised.
  • Your web browser indicates that your site may be compromised.
  • You notice strange traffic in your web logs such as unexplained big spikes in traffic, especially from other countries.
  • You notice lots of strange email coming from the contact form on your website or get message from people suggesting that they are being “spammed” by your website.

So your site is hacked, now what?

Having your website compromised is a pretty “unsavory” feeling…and in some cases it can require a pretty sophisticated process to clean it up, but we have prepared a “to-do” list for you to follow before you give us call to help.

1. STAY CALM – First of all, stay calm. We will help you get through this.

2. PREPARE YOUR INFORMATION – You will need to get your information together for our team. We will need access to the following:

  • WordPress Admin Login – the admin USID / password for your WordPress site.
  • Hosting Login: your hosting control panel to access your database and web logs
  • Web Site Logs: both the access logs and error logs.  We may be able to get this directly from your control panel, however make sure your hosting company provides the web logs.
  • FTP / sFTP Credentials: this should include the hostname, username, and password
  • Backups: Access to any backups you may have.  If your hosting provider isn’t giving you access to nightly backups, you need to change hosting providers!

You should consider keeping this information together in a safe location that you can access quickly in case the need should ever arise.

3. STAY CALM – Third of all, stay calm. We will help you get through this.

4. TAKE THE SITE OFFLINE – If you haven’t done it already, take your website offline. You should temporarily shut the site down while it is being assessed and fixed. Your hosting control panel may have the ability to temporarily turn off your site. Or you may need to password protect the main directory where your website resides to block visitors from accessing your site while the team works on fixing it.

5. STAY CALM – Fifth of all, stay calm. We will help you get through this.

6. SCAN YOUR COMPUTER – Scan your local computers for viruses and malware.  You will want to scan your local computer(s) with your anti-virus software to make sure they aren’t infected with malware, spyware, Trojans, etc. Be sure your anti-virus software is up-to-date before using it to scan your computer.

7. REMAIN CALM AND CALL IN THE CAVALRY – Give us a call on 240-399-3900 or open a Live Chat and get a conversation started.

There’s nothing worse than having a customer call in the middle of the day and tell you that your website is DOWN or worse yet the site has redirected them to some embarrassing adult website!


What are you prepared to do about it?

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