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WordPress Migration Services

Want to move our of your OLD website and move into a shiny NEW WordPress website?

If your website is starting to show its age, or just isn’t getting you any result like it did when it was younger, perhaps its time to consider a WordPress website migration!  We are WordPress Experts…and when it comes to taking your old, run down HTML or other website and turning it into something shiny and new…we can help!

Our WordPress Migration services take your existing content and images and turn them into a fresh new feature rich website with full compatibility for both desktop and mobile devices as well.

Mobile compatibility (responsiveness) for  your web site is a MUST!

Your site MUST work equally well across all platforms (desktop, smartphones, tables, etc) in order to have any visibility in the search engines.  If it doesn’t work properly, you are potentially losing a very significant number of customers EVERY DAY!

We would love to help you stop the bleeding and turn your old outdated website into the marketing engine it was meant to be and start attracting new customers instead of letting them slip through the cracks!

Please request for a quote with your requirements and we’ll contact you by telephone and develop a proposal that best suits your project including time estimates.


Take a look and see if your site is mobile friendly!

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Our WordPress Website Migration Packages

WordPress Migration
PowerPress WordPress Package
UltimatePress WordPress Package

Benefits of migrating to WordPress

  • Limited risk to both parties involved as the scope, price and project timelines are all clearly defined and fixed.
  • Exteremely beneficial for projects where a definite statement or scope of work has been developed.
  • Provides maximum incentive both the Customer and the Service Provider to be organized and perform efficiently.

The package based pricing model (also known as fixed time/fixed fee) is most commonly used for projects that have finite specifications and definite scope. If you are reasonably clear on what you need and have a detailed scope of work or project plan and don’t foresee any major changes, then this is the best option and we would be willing to present a Package priced proposal based on the packages outlined above.

The packages above represent a low risk proposition that will guarantee the on-time, on-budget delivery of your website or web project. All project deliverable’s, the project timeline and the associated costs/expenses must be clearly defined prior to the start of the project. This is our preferred package pricing model and we strongly believe it is a win-win situation for both your team and our team.

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