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WordPress Development and Design Services

WordPress Development & Hosting Services

Your success is our success. Mosaic accelerates the readiness of your WP installation and increases your competitive advantage with a wide variety of professional services that can be used to improve your website and its visibility in the search engines.

WordPress Optimized Hosting

A variety of managed WordPress hosting solutions allow you to easily find the the service that best suits your needs.

WordPress Site Development

Our highly skilled team of WordPress Developers would love the opportunity to design and develop a new WordPress web site for your business or organization.  We have worked with hundreds of business owners and organizations over the years, there is no project too large or too small…we are always happy to help.

WordPress Site Migration

We are experts and moving older existing HTML and non-WordPress sites over to WordPress.  In making the migration, you will not only enjoy a new polished look and feel to your site, but you will also be able to enjoy the relative ease required in adding and editing new content and images in your site.  You don’t have to be stuck with that old site.  If you are looking for something new, give us a call…we would be happy to discuss a WordPress migration.

WordPress Site Maintenance & Optimization

Our EPIC Support Team and Expert WordPress Administrators can provide assistance with the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of your WordPress site.  It’s very important that your site be maintained on a regular basis to ensure that patches and updates are kept up-to-date and that no vulnerabilities develop or bring down your site.

Caching & Content Delivery Network (CDN)

At Mosaic we look for speed and efficiency in everything we do.  With that in mind, we always make sure to include some caching control along with a content delivery network (CDN) to make your site load as FAST as possible this is one of the little things we do to make sure your site is fully optimized.

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