Photography & Video Integration

How does your visual content measure up to the competition?

Custom web site photography & videography services that provide eye catching, high quality photography & video to tell your brand’s story on your web site.

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You don’t get a second chance
to make a FIRST impression!

It’s said that a photograph is worth a thousand words. Mosaic’s custom website photography and videography services provide eye catching, high quality images and video to tell your brand’s story on your website. Our beautiful photography and video will showcase your work to potential clients, and will give your website the professional punch you’re looking for.  Whether you’re looking to display images of your services or of the friendly faces on your team, our corporate photographer is ready to share your story with the world.

The key to successful marketing is to ensure that the right message reaches the right audience at the right time. That could mean an engaging “hero shot” on a homepage, promotional video on YouTube, full-page ad in a trade publication, a direct-mail piece or a commercial that airs during a favorite TV program. Mosaic can help you craft an engaging, effective visual message using the most appropriate tactics. (Or if you need a full-blown ad campaign, we’re happy to help with that too!)

  • Portraits & Headshots
  • Group Photos
  • Interiors
  • Aerial / Drone
  • Business in Action
  • Products
Custom Website Photography and Videography in maryland virginia washington dc

Set Your New Website Apart

Define the guidelines for all your branding and public facing messaging.
We collaboratively develop an effective brand identity that works for you whether you’re launching a new business, or simply need to refresh your company’s current image
Our design team can develop a new logo or modernize an existing logo.
A good quality logo can significantly help boost your business. Let our design team help you build a professionally designed logo without blowing your budget. Whether you need a design for your healthcare, finance or manufacturing business, our team can quickly help you create a unique, high-quality logo for your business.
Experience (UX)
UX design gives an intuitive, engaging experience to users that visit your site.
Our websites have terrific user experiences and are aligned with your business’ goals and users’ expectations. We create websites and web applications that are functional, gorgeous and standards based. As the result you will get more business, less bounce.
Messaging & Copywriting
If people can't understand what you do, they will not engage you.
Your messaging should be a structured representation of the value promises your organization, product or service is making your customer. It is less about who you are and what you do and more about why you are doing it.

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Website Photography and Videography in maryland virginia washington dc


When it comes to choosing images that represent your business, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Whether you’re selling a service, promoting a product or just sharing an idea, the experience is always better with polished, professional photos. When stock photography just won’t cut it, it’s time to call in a real photographer.

Whether you need images for your website, a marketing publication or advertisement, here’s a snapshot of how we can be of assistance when it comes to compelling commercial photography:

  • Product photography
  • Industrial/facility photography
  • Portraits/headshots
  • Architectural photography
  • Outdoor/nature photography


When it comes to video marketing in particular, we believe it’s necessary to follow these tips:

  • Be authentic.
  • Tell a story.
  • Commit to extended promotion.
  • Have a consistent voice.
  • Market a movement.
  • Be creative.

Whether for a standalone project or a component of a website or marketing campaign, we can help with scriptwriting, storyboards, directing video and more.

Stock Photos Versus Original Photos

Many websites opt to use stock photos because this is cheaper and easier. However, that decision comes with a lot of baggage. For one, the quality of the stock image would depend on your subscription. If you want better quality, you would have to pay a premium price for that. Sometimes, shooting your own photos may be a lot cheaper than paying for the stock photos’ high-quality versions. When visitors go to your site, they would be able to tell that the images you have there are not unique and are taken from another website.
What we can do is we can create this collection of photos that you can use on your website. We can take videos of your employees while they are hard at work. We can take photos of your products, so you can tap into this list later on when you need an image for a blog post. When your images are professionally done, it makes for a great first impression. It shows your customers that you are serious about your products and services.

Organic Visibility Boosters

Images are powerful organic search visibility boosters. You can input keywords using metadata and descriptions. These would allow your content to stand out from the rest of the organic search engine results. When you use stock photos, your pages will just blend in with all the other websites that have already used the same images. Your website has to be more unique if you want to attract customers. One way of achieving this is to use only original photos and videos.
In using custom photography & videography, you are giving your business a better chance at competing with all the others in the same industry.

Our custom website photography and videography services provide eye catching, high quality images and video to tell your brand’s story on your website.

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