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Our holistic WordPress web site Performance & Security optimization approach will insure that your web site is fully optimized & secure to deliver the best real user experience. A proven system that makes your web site as fast as it can possibly be – GUARANTEED!

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WordPress Performance & Security Optimization with Real User Experience (RUX) integrations.

At Mosaic, we take WordPress web site performance and security very seriously.  We  prefer to take a more holistic approach to everything we do, and this most definitely includes performance and security.   It’s not enough to simply install a few “security” or “optimization” plugins and call it a day.   Worse yet, you cannot simply rely on artificial ‘Load Times’ that typically have very little or nothing to do with what visitors on your web site are actually experiencing.  True performance and security go much deeper than this.

Our approach involves a proven process that will integrate and test multiple optimization and security configurations in order to ultimately determine which configuration works best for your particular website.  Then, we will go on to implement an entire performance architecture that will make your site as fast as it can possibly be — for everyone, everywhere, at all times.  As the result, all visitors to your website will consistently enjoy perfectly optimized user experience every time they visit your site.

Our holistic approach and the resulting performance & security optimization will provide a robust, supercharged, bullet-proof foundation for your website that has been specifically tuned for the real world, real user experience performance metrics that Google recommends and your existing and prospective customers demand.

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Set Your New Website Apart

Define the guidelines for all your branding and public facing messaging.
We collaboratively develop an effective brand identity that works for you whether you’re launching a new business, or simply need to refresh your company’s current image
Our design team can develop a new logo or modernize an existing logo.
A good quality logo can significantly help boost your business. Let our design team help you build a professionally designed logo without blowing your budget. Whether you need a design for your healthcare, finance or manufacturing business, our team can quickly help you create a unique, high-quality logo for your business.
Experience (UX)
UX design gives an intuitive, engaging experience to users that visit your site.
Our websites have terrific user experiences and are aligned with your business’ goals and users’ expectations. We create websites and web applications that are functional, gorgeous and standards based. As the result you will get more business, less bounce.
Messaging & Copywriting
If people can't understand what you do, they will not engage you.
Your messaging should be a structured representation of the value promises your organization, product or service is making your customer. It is less about who you are and what you do and more about why you are doing it.

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Give the search engines exactly what they want

There is a huge amount of misconception and myth concerning what Google cares about most when it comes to web site optimization, performance and security.  In fact, there is so much floating around that its virtually impossible for the average website owner to fully comprehend it.

So let’s clear the air:

  • It IS NOT just the Load Time of your website. Poor performance can happen at any time, not just during the load.
  • It IS NOT just the Google PageSpeed. Page speed varies widely from user to user.
  • It IS NOT just the best practices scores or ‘speed test’ results and Google has even told us as much. In fact, its quite the contrary.

What Google (and the most major search engines) wants most, is an OPTIMIZED & SECURE USER EXPERIENCE, because that’s what your site visitors want most.  In other words, rather than measuring load with just one metric, we should be measuring the times of every moment throughout the experience that can have an affect on the user’s load perception.    This is, of course, why Google is so adamant about optimizing above-the-fold content and why Google so highly favors websites that have implemented Progressive Rendering to the fullest extent possible. What Google cares about, because it’s what your site’s users care about most, is real user experiences.

How much faster will you make my WordPress site?

This can vary significantly from site to site, however it is very common for us to see improvements in your WordPress website’s overall key user experience (UX) elements and real world performance metrics which are at least double and triple what they were prior to implementing our Performance & Security Optimization architecture to the site.

As we have alluded to above: Perceived Speed — optimization of the user-centric performance metrics that combine to form how fast your site’s users think your site is.  And that’s what we do!

These metrics include:

  • TTFB (Time to First Byte);
  • Start Render Time;
  • Time to Above-the-Fold Visual Completion;
  • First Paint Time;
  • domContentLoaded Time;
  • Time to Interactivity;
  • And — Most Importantly — Google’s Speed Index.

It is precisely the performance metrics that we optimize for that Google actually uses in their Organic Search algorithms to determine your site’s performance and user experience.

For sites where are largely non optimized or incorrectly optimized, we will often see improvements in WordPress sites that make them up to 10 times faster.  Not only that, we can often do this without you having to purchase any additional software or third-party plugins, etc.   When we’re finished, your WordPress website will feel downright snappy.   You will see significantly faster load times and most importantly, your website visitors will provide you with all the analytics and increased conversion rate benefits that a supercharged website enjoys!

We are so confident in our Performance & Security Optimization service, if we fail to improve the performance of your website, we’ll refund 110% of the cost!

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