There are always opportunities for improvement.

Ongoing web site maintenance is a critical part of keeping your web site healthy. Whether it’s a brochure, membership or ecommerce site – web site maintenance is vital, and there are always opportunities for improvement.

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Your site is an INVESTMENT, not a PURCHASE

Your website is often your biggest digital marketing asset.  As the result, when business owners look at their website as a purchase, ongoing website maintenance often seems “extra” or “a hard sell” when in reality, taking care of this asset is critical to ensuring a positive return on your investment.

When you look at your website as an investment, you’ll be able to see what’s working, what isn’t, and how you can turn things around to make it more effective.  The ultimate goal of your website is to generate some type of growth for your business, and without ongoing maintenance, you’ll never learn how to maximize that growth.

Ongoing website maintenance focuses on the data to make sure your website is performing to the best of its ability and providing the results you need.  Your website should become the center of your digital marketing strategy and making sure it’s continually delivering business success will empower you to grow your business.

Ultimately, your website needs to be looked at as an investment, not a purchase.  This way, you maintain the mindset that you must actively work to make it better rather than simply accepting the initial value a purchase provides.

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Set Your New Website Apart

Define the guidelines for all your branding and public facing messaging.
We collaboratively develop an effective brand identity that works for you whether you’re launching a new business, or simply need to refresh your company’s current image
Our design team can develop a new logo or modernize an existing logo.
A good quality logo can significantly help boost your business. Let our design team help you build a professionally designed logo without blowing your budget. Whether you need a design for your healthcare, finance or manufacturing business, our team can quickly help you create a unique, high-quality logo for your business.
Experience (UX)
UX design gives an intuitive, engaging experience to users that visit your site.
Our websites have terrific user experiences and are aligned with your business’ goals and users’ expectations. We create websites and web applications that are functional, gorgeous and standards based. As the result you will get more business, less bounce.
Messaging & Copywriting
If people can't understand what you do, they will not engage you.
Your messaging should be a structured representation of the value promises your organization, product or service is making your customer. It is less about who you are and what you do and more about why you are doing it.

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Ongoing Web Site Maintenance Services in Maryland Virginia and Washington DC

Ongoing website maintenance drives growth

The purpose of ongoing site maintenance is to ensure that your site always looks its best, functions perfectly, continues to deliver the correct message and most importantly drives the growth of your business.  Here are a few reasons how this happens:


One of the hardest parts about marketing is getting a full understanding of your target audience.  Ongoing maintenance allows you to dive into the analytics and understand how your audience is using your site.  Understanding these patterns and making changes based on the data will help you create a more effective site that’s tailored for your specific audience.


Continually keeping up with your site makes sure that both your content and design are fresh and modern.  The last thing you want to do is drive potential customers away because your site looks outdated or doesn’t clearly explain what you do.  Therefore, routine maintenance will ensure your site always looks and performs its best.


Search engines now use your site speed as one factor to determine organic site rank.  Not only that, statistics show when your site takes more than 5 seconds to load, the chance of users bouncing from your site skyrocket to 90%!

Optimizing site files and compressing the size of your visual assets can dramatically improve site speed, help you rank better, and keep users from bouncing.  Often, as sites are updated and managed in-house, things like compression and optimization are overlooked and over time they begin to diminish site speed.


As you launch a new website and make changes to it, it’s important to make sure that it works properly.  This could be making sure links aren’t broken and that your site works across different web browsers.  This is more on the technical side of website maintenance, but without it, your site could fail to work properly for your users causing them to go to your competitors.

Proper functionality lies in the coding of your website and you most likely don’t have the time to sit down and read through hundreds of lines of code to find a semi-colon that should be a colon.  Unfortunately, that can cause a world of problems for your site, and making sure your code is clean and consistent with the ongoing changes is essential to running a peak performing website.

Content & Graphics Maintenance

Your website is often the first impression you will make on your customers, so a well-maintained site is essential to attract and keep them engaged. Do you have news or events on your site? Keeping that information current is critical to making your company feel cutting edge and involved in your industry.

Whether you are blogging or selling products online, we help generate compelling content and graphics to keep visitors coming back to your website and building a relationship with your brand. If new products are introduced to inventory all the time, you cannot run the risk of damaging that first impression by not having current information. No time to blog on a regular basis?  We can provide weekly or monthly blog posts based on approved topics of your choice.

Ongoing website maintenance focuses on the data to make sure your website is performing to the best of its ability and providing the results you need.


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