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Speed and Latency Testing

The following files and IP addresses are provided to help users test their download speeds and latency from our datacenter facilities. You can also run a speed test, however downloading files can be easier to compare with real usage situations.

Latency Testing Instructions
Choose one of the following IP addresses below and perform a PING from your command window to test the latency.

Baltimore Datacenter:
Beltsville Datacenter:
Silver Spring Datacenter:
Rockville Datacenter:

Download Speed Test Instructions
Choose a file below and click the colored button of the file you want to download to start the process. If the download does not start you may have to right click on the size and select “Save Target As”.

File Size Example Time to Download
iconDownload-200MB Equal to 45 minutes of media

Start Download

15mins @ 2 Mbps

4mins @ 8 Mbps

2mins @ 20 Mbps

1min @ 50 Mbps

iconDownload-100MB File download

Start Download

8mins @ 2 Mbps

2mins @ 8 Mbps

1min @ 20 Mbps

30secs @ 50 Mbps

iconDownload-50MB CD download

Start Download

4mins @ 2 Mbps

1min @ 8 Mbps

30secs @ 20 Mbps

10secs @ 50 Mbps

iconDownload-20MB Standard quality movie trailer

Start Download

2mins @ 2 Mbps

30secs @ 8 Mbps

10secs @ 20 Mbps

5secs @ 50 Mbps

iconDownload-10MB A 30 second video clip

Start Download

1min @ 2 Mbps

15secs @ 8 Mbps

8secs @ 20 Mbps

2secs @ 50 Mbps

iconDownload-5MB A 5 minute MP3 music file

Start Download

30secs @ 2 Mbps

10secs @ 8 Mbps

4secs @ 20 Mbps

1sec @ 50 Mbps

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