Who is taking care of your WordPress website?

//Who is taking care of your WordPress website?

Lack of time, the crazy speeds of life of our times, being too busy with running your business, don’t allow you to think of keeping your WordPress website up to date, clean, safe and secure. It’s only natural that you thought of hiring an expert to make sure your website is ok and problem-free when you cannot.

The reason why is simple, entropy. Every system that is left along, tends to have lower stability over time than whence it started. It’s a law of nature and the same law applies to your WordPress website.

I want to keep my website clean and safe

So what would “taking care of your website” entail? Mostly it’s about updates, the same way you update your apps on your iPhone, to keep them up to date, to have the latest features but mainly to have the latest security patches so you don’t get into big trouble.

In Mosaic Data Services, we faced this problem multiple times over our 13+ years of experience with WordPress. How to keep a website updated at all times, how to make it so that its not easy to get hacked or infected? How to keep it running smoothly in perpetuity?

The answer to this question came via combining all our knowledge of WordPress, security, servers, hosting and business into our new service called WPShuttle.com. Providing support, maintenance, WordPress website cleanup and fixing, speed and security optimizations and first-response to a crisis, its a managed WordPress hosting plan that has you covered.

What can go wrong

Let’s think scientifically and business at the same time. By that, we should take a worst and best scenarios that can happen to your website around the “jungle” that is called the web these days.

The best thing that can happen to your website is, well, nothing. It is there, nobody ever touches it, nobody ever attacks it. But how probably is this when at the same time you need your website to get more and more exposure and also attract more visitors? Would higher traffic and search engine exposure increase the chance of someone wanting to attack your website? Surely so, as more popular websites offer a better ground for malware infections, it’s just math, more people will be targets of your website’s inherent malware thus your website will be a better target.

The worst thing that can happen to your website is for it to get hacked, infected with malware so that it then attacks its visitors in turn. That way, apart from the embarrassment of the situation, your will get some more problems quite fast. Google and other search engines will know that your website got hacked and is spreading malware, thus they will not want to propose it anymore to their own visitors. That means, a sharp drop on SERP ( search engine results page ), which in turn, will mean less incoming business. Not a very good thing to have to manage. Also, when your website gets hacked, it will either break and not work or even so, send the information of your clients using their credit cards to a hacker somewhere in the world. That’s sounds even worse right?

If you are already terrified by these simple examples, let us say that there are hundreds more that can happen. Bottom line is that you do not want your website to get hacked. To accomplish this, you might want to consider hiring some people that really know and love WordPress to constantly and regularly maintain your website, which is a very apt description of the WPShuttle.com team 🙂

Fill in the form and find more about Managed Hosting and how to keep your website safe!

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