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R1Soft Continuous Backups

FREE Nightly Backups

We provide Continuous Data Protection for all Cloud hosting sites to ensure that your data is protected from loss or failure. The service is FREE to all our Cloud Hosting customers and can be easily accessed and managed from within your cPanel account and files can be backed up and restored within minutes.

What is R1Soft?

Maintain your own backups

While we do our best to ensuree all your data is safe, you are still responsible to store and maintain your own off-server, off-site backups. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you implement your own continuity plan for taking and storing your own backup from your VPS server or cloud hosting account — you can easily accomplish this using the standard export/backup option available from your cPanel dashboard.

What does Continuous Data Protection mean?

Continuous Data Protection or CDP refers to a method used within R1soft to provide high performance server backups in anytime intervals with little impact on server or site performance.
Each night our systems perform full and/or incremental backups of all the data files and folders within our shared hosting environment. We store these backups for multiple days so you can recover any lost or corrupt files as far as 10 days back.

How do I access my backups?

To access your backups from the R1Soft CDP Server, just click the R1soft CDP icon on your cPanel panel dashboard, then login to the R1soft interface using your cPanel credentials. Backups are displayed in chronological order and you can then open the folder in which you want to restore a file, and have it restored back to your account within minutes. In the event of a hardware failure or other data loss, we can also restore an entire server in a very short amount of time.

R1Soft Contunious Data Protection

Easy to use interface, one-click file recovery!

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