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What is Constant Contact?

tryitnowConstant Contact®, Inc. is the premier Engagement Marketing™ company! They have developed a successful formula that helps small organizations create and grow customer relationships in today’s socially connected world. Using a unique combination of online marketing tools and free Know How, Constant Contact helps small businesses, associations, and nonprofits connect and engage with their next great customer, client, or member.

Powerful Online Marketing Engine

We’ve been working with Constant Contact for over 10 years and have watched their email marketing products evolve into a POWERFUL marketing platform! The new Constant Contact Toolkit provides a user-friendly, sophisticated portal for managing all your digital marketing including email, social media, online surveys and analytics…it will definitely allow you to take your marketing to the next level!


Constant Contact and WordPress

You can fully integrate Constant Contact with your existing WordPress website. The Constant Contact for WordPress plugin is the best email marketing plugin for WordPress and will integrate your website seamlessly with your Constant Contact account.

Once you have the plugin installed, you can place a signup check box or list selection on your register page or use the signup widget anywhere in your website sidebar or PHP templates.

Event Marketing

The plugin features Constant Contact Event Marketing functionality by allowing you to track events, registration, and registrants using the plugin. Simply navigate to Constant Contact > Events. Manage your events from inside WordPress!

Built-in Form Designer

The Constant Contact Form Designer is a form generation and design tool. The Form Designer allows users to generate unlimited number of unique forms and gives a wide variety of options that can be configured, including what fields to show in the signup form. There and tons of design options, including custom background images, border width, colors, fonts and much more.

Constant Analytics: In-Depth Google Analytics

View your Google Analytics data in your dashboard with Constant Analytics. View traffic by source, geography, and popularity. See the impact of blog posts and email campaigns with the great graphing tools.


  • Add signup checkbox and list selection to your register page and update profile page
  • Add / edit contact lists without visiting
  • Includes a powerful form designer
  • Built-in Google Analytics visualization
  • View your events registration details and get updated with a dashboard widget
  • Show contact list selection on register page with ability to exclude certain lists
  • Automatically subscribe your user to one or more contact lists on the register page
  • Customize the register page signup box (and list selection) title and description
  • Add / edit users from your constant contact account
  • Add a signup widget to your sidebar or anywhere in your template