Hey friend, your website is really old!

//Hey friend, your website is really old!

A friend came around the other day and told you this “hey man, your website is really old, looks bad, why don’t you make it look good, like our-century one?”.

You then went to the local store to pick up a coffee and thought this through, this is an embarrassment and your friend told you so, imagine what your prospective clients might have thought when then first saw it. “Yes, this website is old but the company might be an awesome one, very up-to-date and following the technological trends”. Not really, who would think that about your business when they first came onto your website and saw a 10-year old rig?

Web design and development advances really fast, every day things come around that add to the technology of the web, new features, new tools, new design trends and millions of more things to consider. When a potential client finds your website on a search engine and they click, the have to be swept of their feet, so they start clicking and filling in your forms, instantly gaining a very good idea about your business. This is not a new term, its been around for quite some time and its called marketing.

Modernize your website

Your old website has to be modernized. It has to be migrated from your old great-for-its-time effort to a professional, shinny, efficient and effective marketing tool, a website that will boost your business’s exposure to the vast world of the web.

And what better solution for this problem than a migration of your old website to the awesome WordPress platform? Its really simple, take what you have and tweak it then pass it on to a new website built on WordPress, same concept, maybe the same content but along with it some shinny photos, great visuals, speed, efficient design, a charm overall.

Plus, think about all these people waking around with their mobile phones and tablets. They surely will have a hard time reading your Services page on their phone while walking to work when your website is not optimized to play well on mobile devices. Think of the user. The user experience, what we call UX. Why not have a website that is fully mobile-friendly? Fully responsive so that you get the best out of your mobile presence?

How you can do it

The process is simple, the budget is really low for its outcome, we on Mosaic Data Services have migrated over 100 websites to WordPress and not a single client of us felt either being at the same place as before and certainly not lower at least. With each migration we perceived higher Google search results, faster speeds, more conversions, better sales, better branding, more and more engagement via mobile devices.

We know migrations from old websites to WordPress like the back of our hands, needless to say, we have a rather large portfolio we can show you.

Interested? Let’s do it, fill in our form and let’s start!

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