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Office 365 Migration, Setup and Support in Maryland

Can my company migrate to Office 365?

No matter if you are large or small, your company can migrate to Office 365, no problem.  There isn’t anything scary about migrating to Office 365 because its the same familiar Microsoft Office collaboration and productivity software tools delivered to you over the Internet and the Cloud.

Office 365 provides a rich platform which will allow you and your entire staff to work together easily with access from anywhere to email, web conferencing, documents, and calendars. Office 365 includes business-class security and is completely backed by Microsoft. Whether you are a small business or multinational enterprise, Office 365 offers plans designed to fit your organization’s unique needs and Mosaic will help you navigate through your Office 365 migration seamlessly!

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No hidden fees, just great service!

At Mosaic, we do not mark up the Office 365 services, however there is a fee for the migration.  When you order the service through Mosaic you will pay Microsoft directly for the Office 365 services and you pay Mosaic as your Microsoft Cloud Services Partner to assist you with the Office 365 Migration and ongoing support.  As your Microsoft Partner it will be our duty to provide the migration, ongoing support and related services you need to keep your new Office 365 accounts running smoothly, and are billed at our standard hourly service rate.

Mosaic Data Services is a Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner and Small Business Specialist specializing in Office 365 Implementation, Office 365 Migration and configuring Office 365 with your applications and the applications within the Microsoft Cloud using Microsoft Online Services Product Suites.

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Office 365 Migration Services

If you are not comfortable setting up Office 365 or having to migrate your existing accounts, email, calendars and contacts over to Office 365 from your existing email service, we can help!

We have a variety of Migration and Support packages that we can offer you to help make the transition to Microsoft Office 365 a smooth and seamless experience which has virtually ZERO impact on your business operations.  Depending on how your current email infrastructure is organized we will determine the best path for your accounts to ensure that all your data is migrated as quickly and efficiently as possible.


The Migration Process

The migration process for most organizations with less than 300 users is relatively straight-forward, however it can be time consuming if there is a lot of data involved and depending on the speed of your Internet connection.   We will accomplish the migration in a four-step process:

Office 365 Migration Sequence

Sample Office 365 Migration from IMAP

Here is an example of the task items related to a typical IMAP migration for a small business.

Office 365 Migration from IMAP

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