Help my WordPress Website has been hacked

//Help my WordPress Website has been hacked

It’s getting to be more and more common these days that a WordPress website gets hacked. This can happen due to a number of reasons, but mainly, it’s due to a lack of management and maintenance. If you are in dire need of a quick fix of your WP website, please fill in our form and we will get right back!

Here are the most common reasons a WordPress website gets hacked overtime :

1. the site has been left un-updated for quite a long time, this way, its plugins and theme have not had the latest security patches and fixes that come as updates via the developers of the plugins and theme, thus hackers find known entry points to attack the website and gain control
2. the website’s security settings are left to their defaults, allowing hackers to utilize known WordPress vulnerabilities to their “benefit” in order to either gain access to the website or affect the website’s content, mostly its php code files but also posts, pages and other parts of it
3. the WordPress core does not get update to its latest version, something that has to be done regularly, even automatically
4. plugins used on the website by the initial developer are of low quality and allow for security breaches, most common of which is the simple idea of going into the part of the website which allows for uploads and instead of uploading a jpeg image, the hackers upload a php file which them gains them control of the website’s core files
5. usernames and password of the website’s user base are of a very low complexity and can be easily exploited by brute-force attacks
6. the server that hosts the website is not optimized for WordPress and for security, thus allowing the hackers to attack the website in a higher level, the web hosting panel or the server’s management panels either, something that a serious web hosted should have take care of beforehand

The question now is, what to do when you realize that your WordPress website has been hacked. The first response to such an indication would be to contact your developer or web hosting company and ask for an assessment of the damage. The normal steps taken by professional web hosting companies in such cases are :

1. the website’s core files are inspected and cleaned of malware that has probably been injected onto the core php files of WordPress
2. the website’s security is increased on both the server level and the WordPress system’s level
3. the plugins of the website are updated to their latest versions, along with the theme and WordPress core, this can cause problems based on how well the WordPress website is built but in most cases, it works
4. the website is inspected for more malware in a deeper scope, advanced malware scanning tools are used to detect files that are candidates of “harboring” pieces of malware that can work in tandem to expose a bigger attack
5. once complete, the website is now clean and can be hardened in its security so that the hack and infection get to be less and less possible to succeed.

Of course, to avoid such incidents with your WordPress website being hacked, you can join a Managed WordPress hosting plan where a team of experienced professionals take over your website’s regular maintenance and keep it safe and secure. Such managed WordPress services are offered by Mosaic Data Services at a very compelling price tag, in comparison to the big list of problems you might face when your website gets hacked.

In Mosaic Data Services, we joined all our forces around WordPress into a new, optimized service that will give you all the tools and attention you need to keep your WordPress website happy and safe, its called WPShuttle and we highly recommend that you take a look and get back to us with questions and remarks. Our team of WordPress enthusiasts is always there to help!

Need a fix on your hacked WordPress website? Fill in the form and we will help!

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