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Dedicated Linux Servers on Dell PowerEdge Servers

Dedicated Server Packages – powered by Dell

dedicated-serversWe have a very large inventory of Dell PowerEdge Dedicated Servers available for use.  You can select one of the more common dedicated server solutions we have outlined on our site, or if you’re looking for something more, complete the form below, give us a call or ping us on Live Chat and we’ll be happy to provide you with pricing and details.  Most servers can be provisioned and ready for use within one business day or less.

At Mosaic, we realize the important roll dedicated servers have for companies and individuals who value security and privacy, especially when providing Software as a Service or Infrastructure as a Service.  With that in mind, we can help you find a dedicated server package that is perfectly suited to your business and we guarantee our pricing will be equal to or better than any of the other national providers such as Rackspace, HostGator or Dreamhost.

Our dedicated server packages include all the hardware, components, rack space and infrastructure required to run the server and any applications installed.  Our dedicated server packages also include FREE 24/7 Remote Hands if you should need a remote reboot or a monitor connected.  We also provide FREE 24/7 Managed Server Support in the event of an issue which requires us to login to the dedicated server.  So if you have a Windows dedicated server and a hard drive fails, we will resolve the problem on the dedicated server free of charge. We can also provide additional System Administration and other support services as needed for for a monthly fee.

Our dedicated server can be provisioned with any favorite operating system, whether you like Windows, Linux, Unix, Debian, FreeBSD or something else. A dedicated server can be significantly less expensive than managed hosting…so if you know what you’re doing and you don’t think you’d benefit that much from the additional tech support offered by managed hosting, a dedicated server may be the best option for you.

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Dedicated Server Specs

Our Windows Servers can be setup with any version of IIS and over three different database connections. MSSQL Express, MySQL, and MS Access are available at no cost!  Your server will be provisioned, secured and typically delivered 24 hours of purchase.

Having a dedicated server will provide you with a higher level of efficiency, management and control. You will have the capability to go far beyond the resource limitations found in a shared hosting environment and have the “kick-the-tires” physical capacity that virtual servers do not provide.

Windows Dedicated Server Features:

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 or 2016 with Remote Desktop Access
  • IIS Web Server, MSSQL Express, DNS, FTP, SMTP
  • Fully Hardened server with Windows Firewall & IPSec Policy

Looking for something different or something more?

Our dedicated Linux servers run on Dell PowerEdge hardware which deliver many features you’d expect in a dedicated linux server like high security, speed, and up-time all for a much lower cost. Best of all it comes with our 24×7 EPIC Support to keep your online business up and running.

Be sure to take advantage of our price match policy! We will match any (non-promotional) pricing you can provide by invoice from a legitimate competitor.

Most of our Dedicated Linux Servers have a VMWare ESXi layer installed with all the resources allocated to a single VM instance which gives us the ability to rapidly deploy and configure new servers as they are ordered. We also offer very flexible monthly, annual, biennial and triennial pricing programs to meet your needs. All our dedicated servers are competitively priced and include our Self Managed Support as well as an optional cPanel/WMH management.

For more information about Colocation, VPS or Hosting Services or to receive a FREE estimate for any of our services, please contact us or give us a call at 240-399-3900 today!

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