Why is cPanel / WHM is the BEST?!

//Why is cPanel / WHM is the BEST?!

Grow Your Business with cPanel & WHM

Hosting automation helps make managing your server and websites easier and more efficient. Control panels are one type of common hosting automation, and cPanel is perhaps the most famous.

If you want to manage particular domains or hosting accounts on your dedicated or Virtual Private Server (VPS), end users to be able to control everything from adding/removing email accounts to administering MySQL databases, then you should definitely try cPanel and WebHost Manager.


cPanel is a Linux based web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site. cPanel utilizes a 3 tier structure that provides capabilities for administrators, resellers, and end-user website owners to control the various aspects of website and server administration through a standard web browser. cPanel is designed to function either as a dedicated server or virtual private server.

As hosting-review.com reports “cPanel is an industry standard web based hosting account that helps you manage your websites through a web browser. In view of its many benefits with efficient site management and design simplicity, cPanel hosting is very useful for both personal and business sites.” (http://www.hosting-review.com/)

Web Host Manager

Web Host Manager, or WHM, is a powerful program that allows administrative access to the back end of cPanel. WebHost Manager (WHM) is a web-based tool used by server administrators and resellers to manage hosting accounts on a web server. As well as being accessible by the root administrator, WHM is also accessible to users with reseller privileges. From WHM, the server administrator can perform maintenance operations such as upgrade and recompile Apache & PHP, install Perl Modules, and upgrade RPMs installed on the system.

As thehostingnews.com reports “WebHost Manager (WHM) is a powerful hosting automation control panel that gives you total control over your server and any cPanel hosted websites installed on it. Among the many features of WHM is a tool for monitoring services running on a server, such as the web server (Apache HTTP Server), database server (MySQL) and DNS server (BIND). Services or daemons, as they are sometimes called, are programs that run when the system boots up and are typically intended to remain running as long as the server is on. Many services are mission critical, so if one of them crashes, your websites may become inoperable, which could lead to loss of valuable business. Once you have monitoring enabled, WHM will keep track of those running services you specified. If one of them crashes, WHM will automatically restart it so that you experience minimal downtime. This monitoring tool is meant to function as a safeguard against unexpected service crashes.” (http://www.thehostingnews.com/how-to-monitor-services-with-cpanel-whm.html)

Cutting Costs & Saving Time: For hosting providers and corporations, WHM means saving money on labor and minimizing system administrator workload. For small businesses and website owners, cPanel means dedicating your energy to company growth.

Ease-of-Use: An interface with navigation that’s very easy to use for everyone.

cPanel Features

This web-based control panel makes site management very easy. You can empower your customers and offer them the ability to administer every face of their website using simple, point-and-click software.

Mail: Create email accounts, forwarders, and autoresponders as well as account and user-level filtering to manage email. Fight spam with BoxTrapper, Apache SpamAssassin, and email authentication. Then, use mailing lists to broadcast your message.

Security: Configure password-protected directories, IP address denials, SSL/TLS, and GnuPG key settings to restrict access. Protect your site with HotLink Protection, Leech Protect, and ModSecurity.

Domains: Set up subdomains, addon domains, parked domains, and redirects to point visitors in the right direction. Identify your site with Simple DNS Zone Editor and Advanced DNS Zone Editor.

Apps Galore: Take advantage of third-party software for blogs, bulletin boards, guest books, eCommerce, and more to build a robust, dynamic site.

Files: Edit and back up files and folders while monitoring your website’s disk space usage.

Databases: Store large amounts of data and limit access using MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

Logs: Know your audience and track your website’s performance using Webalizer and AWStats.

As tenhostingreviews.com reports “cPanel provides you with ease in navigating the most complex tasks when hosting a website.  You will be able to add websites, manage emails and addresses as well as forwarding your emails and addresses to other accounts. With cPanel you can transfer a website from one hosting service to another through its backup and restoration process.  You do not have to be an expert in IT to be able to do this.  For more than 10 years, cPanel has become a proven service provider to all of their customers.  If you want a solid foundation for your website that has over 10 years of proven security and stability you will not be disappointed with cPanel working for you.” (https://www.tenhostingreviews.com)

WHM Features

WHM gives you a lot more control and flexibility when managing either a few popular sites, or large number of sites. On top of giving you the ability to sell hosting services to other people, WHM also gives you the option to create and manage multiple cPanels.

This software saves you time and money by automating and streamlining tedious server management tasks, all while keeping your customers happy. You can even customize the control panel to match your company branding.

User Accounts: Create and manage user accounts, establish pricing tiers, and allow your clients to better manage their sites. WHM turns your dedicated or virtual private server (VPS) into a scalable business opportunity.

Investment Protection: Receive analytics and updates on your server. WHM delivers high quality security and server protection.

Server Monitoring: Know what is going on with your servers at any time of the day with server monitoring tools.

View resource utilization. Diagnose log file issues. Configure automations. Secure servers from third-party attacks.

Transfers & Backups: Automatically back up all data and create a seamless experience when transferring information between cPanel-installed servers.

Unique Customer Experience: Give your clients a catered experience using the auxiliary tools and features packed into WHM.

Branding: Incorporate your own colors, images, and custom branding assets.

World of Add-Ons: With over 500 applications and plugins available, every provider can find the tools and widgets necessary to offer a tailored experience to their target audience, and find their niche in the hosting business.

As whoishostingthis.com reports “Web Hosting Manager (WHM) is one of the most popular options for managing hosting accounts, for hosts and resellers alike. WHM gives owners and webmasters complete and flexible control over all aspects of server management. Server admins use WHM to add new applications, copy, delete and create cPanel accounts, and manage security (including SSH keys, PHP scripts, and Traceroute data tracking). WHM is also used to set up basic server configuration, and to perform server upgrades, maintenance, and troubleshooting. With WHM, you can choose settings like available cPanel features, Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, and Domain Name Server (DNS) information. Beyond basic maintenance and administration, you can also use WHM to fine-tune components of each reseller account and add or remove features on the fly. WHM can also be used to add the necessary extensions to allow users of Microsoft FrontPage to upload their websites and other content using that software.” (http://www.whoishostingthis.com/)

Synchronized Calendar & Contacts:

The already robust email functionality, is getting even better with the release of 11.50. cPanel & WHM users can access their calendar and contacts remotely via third-party applications.


Greylisting, available in cPanel & WHM 11.50, protects your server against unwanted email. When enabled, the mail server temporarily rejects any messages from senders that the server doesn’t recognize. If the email is legitimate, the originating server will try to send it again, after a delay, and then the server will accept the email.

CloudLinux Features

Get the most out of your cPanel & WHM license with the CloudLinux operating system. Host more sites, optimize server performance, and provide a more stable, secure environment for your shared hosting customers.

Integrated Support: Receive Enterprise, Priority, and Complimentary support for CloudLinux directly through cPanel.

Improved Stability: Utilize innovative Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE) technology to limit the resources any single account can consume and significantly reduce downtime on your shared server.

Advanced Security: With CageFS technology, CloudLinux encapsulates each customer, preventing users from seeing each other and viewing sensitive information. It also prevents a large number of attacks, including most privilege escalation and information disclosure attacks.

Increased Server Efficiency: By monitoring and containing resource spikes, CloudLinux eliminates the need to leave server resources idle, providing you with the ability to host twice as many accounts on your cPanel & WHM server.

Hardened Kernel: The CloudLinux kernel protects against symlink attacks and trace exploits, while restricting the visibility of ProcFS to only what is necessary, which makes your cPanel & WHM servers more secure.

Easy Account Usage Management: Within cPanel & WHM, the CloudLinux administrative interface gives you and your clients the visibility and accessibility to see and control the exact resource usage of each website.

As thewhir.com reports “Hosts that use CloudLinux can get more from their shared hosting servers. By allocating specific hardware resources to each account, servers can be filled to maximum capacity without the risk of poor performance.” (http://www.thewhir.com/)

It doesn’t matter if you’re a web shop, a corporation, or a freelancer, anyone can use cPanel & WHM, along with their virtual private or dedicated servers, to offer hosting to customers.

The cPanel & WHM ecosystem spans hundreds of developers, thousands of hosting providers, and millions of domains around the world, powered by a two-pronged web hosting and automation dashboard. cPanel is not just a tool, it’s software that empowers an industry.

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