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Rockville Datacenter and Colocation in Montgomery County Maryland

Rockville Datacenter

Our Rockville, MD datacenter is a Certified SSAE16 Type II (formerly SAS70) datacenter for to clients who choose to outsource their technology requirements. We can deliver both secure and non-secure facilities from thousands of square feet of data center to partial rack-space.

All facilities have personnel on-site 24x7x365 and are protected by electronic key card, infra-red video surveillance and biometric security measures. This facility is commonly used for services such as Web Hosting, Application Hosting, Continuance of Operations (COOP), Colocation or Disaster Recovery.

Mosaic also offers customers a comprehensive Professional Services plan to ensure their applications and data are being administered 24×7. Some of the professional services we provide include: installation, monitoring and management of servers, firewalls, load balancing solutions and backup/restore services. For those clients who require a physical technician to carry out work, we provide “Eyes and Hands” service upon request.

Half Cabinet

  • 21U Rack Space
  • 50Mbps Bandwidth
  • 10amps 110v Power
  • 5 usable IPv4 addresses
  • Gigabit Uplink
  • 24/7/365 Access

Full Cabinet

  • 42U Rack Space
  • 100Mbps Bandwidth
  • 20amps 110v Power
  • 5 usable IPv4 addresses
  • Gigabit Uplink
  • 24/7/365 Access
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Facility Specs

  • N+1 power, cooling and bandwidth.
  • SSAE16 Type II / TIA-942 Certification with FISMA, HIPAA, SOX, PCI, NIST Compliance
  • 10,000+ square foot operation with raised floor space
  • Raised floor to facilitate cable management and uniform cooling distribution
  • Direct connectivity to the backbone
  • Laser Smoke Detection System
  • Fire suppression systems including halogen fire extinguishers
  • Halon in battery and electrical room

The facility maintains an early warning fire and smoke detection system (very early Laser Smoke Detection System). In addition, the facility meets or exceeds all local fire code regulations for heat and smoke detection. The entire facility is fixed with multi zoned, dry pipe water based fire suppression system. Sensory mechanisms (sniffers) sample the air and provide early warning alarms prior to pressurization.

Dual alarm (heat and smoke) detection is necessary for water pressurization of the system. Water only enters the fire suppression system in the event to two cross-zone alarms and will only disperse in the event of melted sprinkler heads. (Sprinkler heads melt at approximately 190* F). Any water discharge will be sprinkler-head specific, which minimizes potential damage caused by overspray.


We share our customer’s concerns about the security of their equipment and data, and we have deployed the most stringent measures to protect our customer’s assets. We have a wide range of security features at our location and require advance notification of visitation and a valid photo ID for any visitor admittance to our facilities.


  • Limited building access (electronic security card/ Biometric Hand scan controls access during non-business hours)
  • Dual locked entrance doors in a “man-trap” configuration
  • Controlled access by an access database, pass cards, and Biometric Hand scan controls
  • 24 x 7 on-site staff
  • Video surveillance and CCTV with online monitoring
  • 24 x 7 surveillance cameras located throughout the facility
  • Automatically triggered alarms in case of a security breach

Power Conditioning

  • Electrical network connected directly to PEPCO substation power grid
  • 480V 3Ph, 2500A dedicated transformer
  • (2) 300 KW UPS power with on-line batteries feeding multiple PDUs – expandable as demand arises
  • Spike and surge control with brown-out prevention
  • 1.5 Megawatt emergency diesel generator
  • Multiple Automatic Power Transfer Switch (ATS) for entire load to generator
  • 3,000 gallon on-site fuel tank with contracts to fuel generator indefinitely
  • Manual Transfer Switch (MTS) in the event of a primary generator failure
  • Emergency power kill switch
  • 1.5 Megawatt emergency diesel generator

We will provide 24x7x365 power supply with backup generator support and UPS battery backup service.

The UPS system in place is designed to provide continuous feed clean power to the data center and the necessary support equipment. Batteries are designed to provide enough power to support the necessary systems until power is brought online via backup diesel generator service. (Diesel generators take roughly 8 seconds to become operational). The UPS and backup generator system is tested on a bi-weekly basis (every other Friday).


Refrigerant based system with underfloor supply/top return design with approximately 120 Tons available, expandable as required.

  • Computer controlled temperature and humidity.
  • Over 120 tons of total cooling capacity, expandable when necessary.
  • Constant temperature maintained at 68° ± 2°
  • Humidity levels of 45% maintained in the hosting area at all times.

Any amount of space you need!

The Rockville Datacenter is located in Montgomery County Maryland and is ideally suited to handle half cabinets, full cabinets and even caged space.  We can provide you with as much or as little rack space as you need to support your servers so contact us or give us a call at 240-399-3900 so we can discuss the details or answer any questions.

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