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Maryland Datacenter & Colocation - Baltimore, Beltsville, Rockville, Silver Spring

Maryland Datacenter Facilities & Colocation

When downtime is not an option, Mosaic’s fully redundant Maryland Datacenter facilities are the perfect place to colocate and host your business’ critical servers and related server hardware.

The Mosaic’s Maryland Datacenter Facilities provide the required redundancies most individuals and companies would otherwise find cost-prohibitive such as redundant electrical sources, redundant bandwidth, and many other security measures.

Don’t let the lights go out on your business, call Mosaic today at 240-399-3900 or request a quote online.

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Understanding Colocation Services

Colocation Services are for those that already have or intend to purchase their own server and require complete dedicated rack space, bandwidth and other controls over the server.

In a Dedicated Server environment, Mosaic leases a dedicated server to you and provides Self Managed or Managed Support for you. In a Server Hosting environment, you provide the server and we provide the hosting along with Professional Server Management services. If you do not own or plan to purchase your own server, Mosaic has many Dedicated Server options available at very affordable prices.

The primary difference between Colocation / Managed Dedicated Servers and Server Hosting is simply the ownership of the server being used.

Colocation Costs

There are three primary costs associated with Colocation – rack space fees, bandwidth / connectivity and managed services fees.

Rackspace Fees – are the fees associated with having your server located in a rack/cabinet at our data center. Ranging from 1U to a full rack, this measurement is the height of the server(s) being hosted. Most servers come in either 1U or 2U configurations. Servers with a large number of hard drives can be as big as 3U or 4U.

Unmetered Bandwidth – Mosaic Technologies can provide you with unmetered bandwidth at 1.5Mbps, 5Mbps, 10Mbps, 50Mbps 100Mbps and greater. No matter what amount of bandwidth you start with, we have the capacity to scale your bandwidth up as high as necessary.

Professional Services – Mosaic can provide you with many levels of Professional Services when your server is colocated in our facility. These services range from standard monitoring and backup services to monthly patch management and updates support. We also provide hourly service and assistance with software installations and hardware management.

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