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Earn BIG MONEY as a Mosaic Affiliate Referral Partner!

Refer and earn! Easily build additional income by referring your colleagues, friends, customers and others to Mosaic

Join the Affiliate Program

Refer your customers to Mosaic and earn an additional income from the users you refer.  If you have friends or know other business owners, web developers, or perhaps you have customers have a WordPress website or need help managing their site, then you could be missing out on potential revenue!

Start Earning BIG $$$ Today!

Join the Affiliate Program Today!

Earn 15%
  • Earn 15% per sale on the initial purchase and all renewals!
  • We pay 15% commission on all referred product sales no matter the amount. The larger the sale, the more you earn!

Increase Conversions with Free Resources

  • Banners will improve your overall click-through-rate (CTR)
  • We have handcrafted dozens of promotional banners that you can use in your campaigns, designed to be informational and attractive.

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How does it all work, you ask?

At Mosaic Data Services, we really appreciate it when our Customers are willing to provide referrals, word-of-mouth and testimonials about our products and services.  Therefore, we have set up a wonderful Affiliate Program that will not only make sure you have all the tools necessary to convey the message, but something that will give you a little $$$ in your pocket to say “THANK YOU” for your business, loyalty and support!


THE REWARD: You will earn 15% FOR ANY NEW SERVER OR HOSTING SIGN UP that uses your Affiliate Code when signing up. (Offer does not include any time and materials products or services.)

THE PAYOUT:  As soon as you earn Affiliate rewards you can have them immediately credited to your account OR if you accumulate $100 or more, you can request a payment from your Affiliate account.

The affiliate URL will place a cookie on the end-users computer that  will associate them with your Affiliate Account.  If that person should then visit the Mosaic website and sign up for new services anytime within the next 3 months, your Affiliate account will be credited with the referral!  To help engage potential referrals, we have designed some banners that can be used on your website, social media or other online marketing engines.  The banners should help engage your visitors and viewers and hopefully convert them into new sign ups.

Find the appropriate size banner below use it along with the Source Code we have provided in the Affiliate Program area of your Account in our Customer Support Portal.   One you have the banner in place, you will receive credit for any sign ups which are tracked through the banner links via special URL so make sure you are using the Affiliate Tracking code to ensure visitors are being tracked correctly.


Step 1: Login to our Customer Support portal here:  (If you do not have the credentials you can request that they be resent to your email address on file).

Step 2: Navigate to “Affiliate Program” on the lower right column and click “More Details”.

Step 3: Find the Affiliate URL that looks something like this:

Step 4: Select your banner below and download it and on your website, link it to the link above, exactly as you see it in step 3.

By signing up for our Affiliate Program, you agree to be bound by the Affiliate Agreement.

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