We LOVE our customers, and they LOVE us back!

Mosaic’s prime directive is to work together with every Customer to inform, guide and educate them on the benefits of developing a solid technology strategy and to become their trusted PARTNER!  We at Mosaic take pride in providing unreserved effort in our mission to help our Customers harness the power and benefits of the Internet and it’s many related technologies…and do it with a smile in our voice!

  • cPanel Web Hosting Management
  • WordPress CMS
  • VMWare Virtualization
  • Dell Servers
  • Cloudflare CDN

“Holy crap…these guys are super smart AND super nice!”

“The guys at Mosaic are super-smart and have helped my business in countless ways.  They figure out the answers to problems very quickly and fix them…all with a smile in their voice.  I can’t imagine running my business without them.  They are my “go to” guys for hosting and all things email!” 

– Heather Cox, Mighty Little Web Shop

Laura Labovich

The Career Strategy Group

No matter how effusive my praise or positive my review is here about Tanya and her team, it could never truly do them justice! They are head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to web design. This is my fourth website and it is by far my most spectacular. It is cohesive, clean, functional and gorgeous! Not only is Tanya wicked talented, having an eye for design and what will work or not, along with an innate ability to pull all the pieces together, but she is always so positive! Thank you, thank you so much!!!!!!

Joe Smith

Dan Kain Trophies

Mosaic Data Services has been taking care of our business for many years! Their customer service is impeccable and they have saved us many times when issues occur. Always in a timely fashion too! I would highly recommend them! Jason and his tech support staff are superior!

Theresa Lock

Core Partners

Our organization has worked with Mosaic Data Services for well over a year for our exchange server. Recently, we switched our hosted server for our back office operations to Mosaic and I couldn't be happier. We had lost our ability to access our existing hosted server (hosted elsewhere) and were feeling crippled by the inability to access our data. Jason Bach made the process so simple. We were up and running in less than 24 hours with our data in tact and ready to use.  Thank you Mosaic!

Sharon Rogers

Sharon Rogers Bookkeeping Services

We recently needed help taking back control of the domain name and website for our church. We thought for sure we had lost it to unknown people, however the guys at Mosaic were able to step in and regain control over things very quickly. If it were not for their experience and willingness to jump in and help, I am afraid we would have lost our whole website and would have had to spend thousands of dollars! Thank you for all your do and helping us fix our problem.

Rowland Dennie


Mosaic Data Services goes above and beyond what someone would expect regarding customer service. Anytime I have a problem they are quick to respond, usually within the hour, and the problem is resolved. Several years ago they designed and created my website and last year they assisted with setting up my company to accept credit cards. Jason and his staff do an excellent job!

Alaina Love

Passion Profiler / Passionality

This team is tops at what they do! They design and service beyond expectation and are always working to make recommendations that suit our company budget and objectives. We've found the entire team to be extremely responsive and a real pleasure to work with. If you're looking for website design,support, hosting services, application development or social media management, start here and save yourself a lot of time.

David Scher

Scher Flooring Services

My company (Scher Flooring Services) has been using Mosaic since 2007. In all that time, I have never had a single issue with their service. In fact, there have been numerous occasions when I needed help after regular business hours and was actually able to get assistance! I am in the service industry and always hold my vendors to a very high standard. Mosaic has always exceeded that standard. I am happy to write this review and endorse them! They make my life easier and give me piece of mind when it comes to IT and computer-related issues.

Bill Emshoff

Guarantee Carpet Systems

I have been using Mosaic for over a decade. They are really great at what they do, and I highly recommend them.

Emily Weiss

Emily Weiss Photography

Jason and his staff are fantastic. He helped transfer over 4 websites and the process was smooth and easy. They guided us through the process every step of the way. They are always available in an emergency and I can talk to a live human being on the phone vs a email chat. His team also build us a website and gave us exactly what we wanted quickly.

Laura Byres

I called after having a terrible experience with GoDaddy. Jason, who is the owner ,answered my call. He thoughtfully helped me through the process of understanding the product and how it works. The service was personal, excellent and centered on my business needs rather than upselling me. This is an excellent company with great corporate values and personal service. There is no comparison between them and GD.

Bill Pritchard

FTI Consulting

Mosaic is focused on providing superior technical solutions and a top shelf customer experience. Whether it is web site maintenance, server colocation or virtual servers, Mosaic customers can expect to be treated to good old fashion customer service and a superior technical product. The team at Mosaic Data Services is highly trained and professional. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to be more than an account number at the larger shops

Nikki Smith

Digital Marketing Strategies

I have worked with Mosaic since late 2009. I develop web sites and Mosaic hosts them. In a nutshell, the guys at Mosaic are friendly, patient and very pleasant to work with. More than once Mosaic has come to my rescue: helping us troubleshoot when I broke something, quickly responding to emails (even after hours and on weekends), or even taking the time to walk me through the especially technical aspects of hosting, development or DNS changes! I’ve learned a great deal from Jason and the guys at Mosaic over the years. I’ve worked with other hosting providers, big and small. But if someone asks who I recommend, the first answer that comes to mind is Mosaic Data Services.

Glen Tringali

National Executive Director at Adult Congenital Heart Association

Mosaic has been providing web site maintenance, hosting and email services for our organization for nearly 10 years. Jason and his colleagues at Mosaic Data Services are very customer oriented and have done a great job for us. We really appreciate having them as our go-to IT guys, thanks!

Allen Cannon

Allen Cannon Accounting Services

I have worked with Jason and Mosaic for nearly 15 years dealing with hosting, web site design, IT solutions and virtual private servers. I highly recommend Mosaic as they are VERY knowledgeable and extremely accommodating. They are always willing to go the extra mile and are exceptionally professional. Jason and his team at Mosaic can handle any sized job from a small office to an entire organization. You will be happy you chose them and be sure to tell them Allen sent you!

Rob Traister

Brain Injury Association of America

Believe it or not, I was first introduced to these guys back in 2003 and since that time I’ve not only seen them evolve, but I have used Jason as a consultant or Mosaic as service provider on numerous projects. When I’m at my wit’s end, they have the answer that makes everything work and run smoothly. I never hesitate to recommend his services to others, and the reports I hear back from those to whom I have recommended him are always positive.

Angela Dansby

Inkovation, Inc.

The guys at Mosaic have a great combination of knowledge, integrity and personality. They are very responsive to Customer needs and address issues very quickly. Their skill sets are excellent and they deliver projects on time with a smile! In fact, they often go far above and beyond in meeting deadlines when necessary. They are always a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend Jason and the whole crew at Mosaic Data Services!

Tim Vogel

Scenthound, Inc.

Mosaic has always been there for us! The technical side of our business has never been our strong suit and every time we have a question or problem Mosaic has come through with flying colors. I highly recommend Jason and all the guys at Mosaic Data Services!

Bruce Matter

Law Office of Bruce E. Matter, PC

I worked with Mosaic to update my website last year and have consulted with them on a number of IT related issues. They have a broad range of knowledge about hosting, website design, and data center operations, and can readily translate that knowledge into something a non-tech person like me can understand. I would highly recommend Mosaic!